Helping people get back on their feet

Chris and Kim Casteel talk about the help giving people a new life

A severe loss can occasionally lead to the discovery of a new purpose, as Chris Casteel discovered. One accident changed his life forever, pushing him into a life of service to others. Award-winning journalist Mitch Albom shared how Chris helps individuals get back on their feet in the heart of Detroit.

Anew Life Prostheses founders Chris Casteel and Kim Casteel joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to discuss the prosthetics that their company builds for people.

According to Chris, the length of the process is determined by the person. He said because prostheses and orthoses are static and our bodies are dynamic, they strive to fit something that meets patients’ needs and how their bodies adapt accordingly.

“It’s a life-changing experience,” Chris explains. Because they think about not being able to do something, walk, or get around, and then having that ability again, there is a lot of excitement and tears. According to Kim, it re-establishes confidence and self-esteem, particularly in terms of being able to enter employment or go out in public.

Chris said a widespread misconception about amputees is that one day you’re going around and doing things normally, and then suddenly something occurs. Then you’re lost and unable to do things and must rely on people to move around you. They assume it’s a situation in which you feel helpless, but it’s just the opposite. They help through their support group and educate people on how to wear a prosthesis.

Kim said they do a lot of work for the homeless and others in need. She said they teach, guide, and inspire their patients. She also mentioned they are trying to change their industry and are seeking referrals from physicians and physical therapists in order to gain more patients.

They also showed a test socket with a mild electric hand on show. Chris explained that the mild electric currents go against the muscles and, when they are adjusted, can open and shut the hand.

Watch the video above to see the full interview and Mitch Albom’s story on the Casteels.

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