Expert shares advice on how to prep your air conditioning before summer

Is your system due for a maintenance check?

The temperatures may be going up and down as we transition to spring, but soon, things will start to continuously heat up -- and if you want to make sure you can keep your cool at home or at a business, now is the time to get ready.

We spoke to Alyssa Angellotti with Expert Heating & Cooling to get the company’s advice on how to keep it cool this summer.

Angellotti’s first piece of advice is to get your air conditioning checked out now, while you are not regularly using it. This will allow you to fix any potential problems before summer hits. The last thing you want is your air conditioning to break in the middle of a heatwave. Many companies that can do those types of repairs will be very busy in the summer, so you could be waiting more than a week for your air conditioning to be fixed.

If you turn on your air conditioning and don’t feel any cool air coming out, the first thing Angellotti recommends you check is the filter.

You will want to replace the filter a couple of times a year or more, depending on the filter you have. A dirty filter can prevent good airflow from moving through your HVAC system.

Now, if you love tech, you might want to consider getting a WiFi-connected thermostat. This will hook up directly to your heating and cooling system and can alert you of any problems, and keep you updated on when your system is due for maintenance.

For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, you may want to look into getting an air purifier for your HVAC system. This can easily be added by a professional, and will filter out common allergens like dust and mold.

Watch the full video above for more tips. To schedule your maintenance checkup for your air conditioning, and to see all Expert Heating & Cooling has to offer, click or tap here.

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