A lost city and little golden statues are the “Reel Talk” today

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell talks about a new star-studded movie, and shares his predictions for the Oscars

There is a new movie out this week that has Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt starring alongside Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe. Greg said this movie will not be generating any Oscar buzz, but is a fun adventure tale.

The movie follows an author, well-known for her romantic adventure novels, who finds her self kidnapped by a billionaire who hopes she can help him find an ancient city’s lost treasure. Her cover model, played by Tatum, is determined to prove that he can be a real life hero, not just on the pages.

Greg gave this film three reels out of five, and said it is a good movie to just get out and laugh. Jason even compared the storyline to the 1984 feature “Romancing the Stone”.

Many actors will be in search of a different kind of gold this weekend as we enter Oscar territory. Greg Russell gave us his personal picks for the three main awards. Starting with Best Picture, Greg picked “Belfast” for it’s overall fantastic writing, direction, and acting.

For Best Actor, Greg decided upon a crowd favorite, Will Smith. Greg said the voting is done by people, and thinks people will understand that it is finally Smith’s time for an Oscar.

For Best Actress, Greg chose Jessica Chastain for her performance in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”. While it was partially a returning favor to the actress, Greg said he hopes she will come out on top.

To see how Greg returned a favor to Jessica Chastain, and the full interview, watch the video above.