How to keep kids interested in books after Reading Month is over

It all starts with the parents, says one expert

As March comes to a close, so does National Reading Month, a time where we encourage young people to read more, keep them engaged and make reading fun. There is, however, a local book shop that is helping to keep the reading going far beyond March. Tati Amare spoke with Jennifer Kendall from Coreander’s Children’s Bookshoppe in Grosse Pointe to give us her expert advice on how to keep the kiddos interested in reading.

1) It starts with the parents. Kids often follow by example, if you make reading important to you, and encourage them to do the same, they will generally follow suit. Make storytime before bed a regular activity, and it will be something the kids will look forward to.

2) Have children help pick out their books. The great thing about a children’s book store, or a children’s book section, is that all those stories are appropriate for kids. Giving your child the opportunity to pick out a book that interests them will make them all the more excited to read it.

3) Attend fun reading events. Lots of books stores and libraries, like Coreander’s, host special events where guest speakers will come in to read, or the author will come in to sign books. This is a fun interactive way to get kids excited about reading.

For more information on Coreander’s Children’s Bookshoppe, listen to the full interview above. It is located at 15118 Kercheval Avenue in Grosse Pointe.

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