Marvel vampires and moviemaking in a bubble?

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell shows us two new movies coming out tomorrow

Sony and Marvel are teaming up to bring Jared Leto and Michael Keaton to the big screen, debuting alongside a movie about a movie. Movie Reviewer Greg Russell joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to talk about two new movies coming out tomorrow.

“Morbius” is the newest installment in the Marvel universe, and features Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius. Leto’s character attempts to cure himself of a blood disease using a serum drawn from the blood of bats. He unintentionally infects himself with a form of vampirism, that gives him inhuman like capabilities. Its darker tones may remind you of “Venom”, and Greg gave it three-and-a-half reels our of five.

Next up, “The Bubble” is a movie about a movie, and follows a movie crew shooting a film at the inception of the pandemic. It is a comedy that plays on the safety restrictions that everybody experienced during that time. Similar to Morbius, Greg gave this film three-and-a-half reels.

To see movie clips, and the full interview, watch the video above.