This extreme trampoline park in Commerce Twp. will have you feeling like you’re defying gravity

Looking for something fun to do with the kids?

Jumping, swinging, bouncing, running along the wall - There’s a lot of fun to be had at Defy Detroit in Commerce Township. When most people walk into the 32,000 square foot extreme trampoline park, their reactions are “WOW!”

On the floor, you will find every type of trampoline, including a super tramp, similar to the kind they use in the Olympics. There is also a bouncy dodgeball court, a ninja course, a parkour course, stunt falls, zip line, silks, and more.

For kids like 12-year-old Jordan Rudman, it’s a fun way to let out some energy.

“I can wall run back there, and get up the wall and do crazy things off of it,” says Jordan.

While he may be bouncing off the walls now, that’s not how he started.

“Oh, it’s insane!” says Jordan’s dad, Dan Rudman. “I have a video sort of detailing like when he first started, he could barely get up a wall, now he’s like up there in 2 seconds, and flipping and flying all over the place.”

His mom, Carrie Rudman, added that his confidence has grown along with his skills.

“I’ve made a bunch of friends here, and it’s a really great place!” says Jordan.

Kids of all ages are welcome, and parents, don’t be afraid to jump in!

So here’s how it works: Before jumping, you must sign a waiver and put on some grippy socks so you don’t slip on the trampolines. You can pay by the hour ($20.99 for kids 6 & under, $27.99 for everyone else), or purchase a monthly membership (starting at $21.49 per person). Most families spend about 2 hours there at a time.

There are a variety of rules to follow to keep everyone safe, but one of the most important ones is to stay in your comfort zone.

No matter whether you chose to wall run, or take a trip down the zip line, you will definitely feel like you’re defying gravity.

For more information, watch the full video above.

Defy Detroit is located at 2737 Union Lake Road Commerce Charter Township.

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