Dogs, cats, or both?

Celebrating National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day, and you know how much people like their pets. We invited some of our pet-owner friends to chat about cats, dogs, and all of the other furry companions that people have in their homes.

Jody Trierweiler, a fitness and nutrition expert, Ride Detroit’s Jason Hall, and Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon and Lulu and Three Cats Café in Clawson, joined Live in The D with Jason Carr and Tati Amare to discuss everything from pet names to the dog versus cat argument.

Dogs, cats, or both?

Jody used to despise cats since she grew up with dogs, but she now advises others that if they love animals, they will love cats.

She compares her cats to infants because they greet her at the door when she arrives home. She emphasized that raising them from kittens is a little different, stating that she has both adopted and reared kittens, and their behavioral patterns are dramatically different.

Tati, on the other hand, claims that her family cat used to attack her when she was younger and would only welcome her mother since she was very territorial.

Hall thinks cats are finicky and prefers dogs, but he has a soft spot for all animals.

Mary believes that the more fur you can have in your home, the better, and she has both.

How did you come up with the names for your pets?

Jody claims that her teenage sons named their dog “Morty” after the show “Rick and Morty.”

Hall says his dog named him “Lou,” and he goes by the nicknames “Lou Dog” and “Louie” when he’s misbehaving.

Do you find yourself thinking about your pet more than your family members at times?

Jody compares her dog to a toddler and is constantly concerned about his whereabouts.

Hall responded, “absolutely.”

Mary says that if there is one person in her entire home who you can count on to be nice to you, it is her dog, Bertie.

Watch the video above to see photographs of the panelists’ pets as well as the whole interview.

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