Check out these cool, trendy sunglasses

Stylish eyewear for all

Shades are a must for spring and summer since they protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. You’ll notice a lot of people wearing new styles, and some of them may be right for you.

Jon Jordan, Local 4 Style Editor, joined “Live in the D” to talk about the hottest sunglasses trends.

This season has a variety of exciting options, which Jon divided into four categories: new nostalgic, futuristic, pastel, and not too heavy metal.

The first thing Jon did was look back in time through the “new nostalgic” sunglasses. According to him, these include round sunglasses with metallic trim, hexagonal frames, and oversized architectural sunglasses. Another benefit of wearing oversized sunglasses is that they may be worn over prescription glasses, according to the expert.

With futuristic sunglasses, Jon looked into the future. He said that architectural, geometric, and oversized sunglasses are all included in this category. According to him, they’re both gender-neutral and have a robotic vibe, and they are statement pieces.

On the subject of statements, Jon said that intense pastels are this season’s look. He thinks the pastel hues offer a nice pop.

Finally, Jon advises guys to go for “not too heavy metal” sunglasses. Metal finishes like brushed titanium are a big part of this style.

However, Jon believes that anyone can pull off the classic aviator sunglasses.

The sunglasses from Shops On Top in Eastern Market may be seen in the video above, along with the full interview.

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