You can help this group bring hope to Detroit kids

Volunteers make a difference for Hope House Detroit

A special effort is underway to inspire hope in Detroit’s younger generation. Hope House Detroit is a group that helps to provide a place for kids to thrive.

Becky and Gary Gentry founded Hope House Detroit in 2010. More than a decade later, they now have two year-round community centers for kids. Hope House Detroit provides after-school programs, social clubs and field trips for children. Becky Gentry said they tell the kids their basic curriculum is “you are precious, you are priceless, you are full of potential.” The group’s theme for the year is expanding horizons.

Community members can help Hope House Detroit by volunteering. Riley Chowning, the Executive Director of Hope House Detroit, said they could not carry out everything on their calendar without the help of volunteers. You can learn more about Hope House Detroit, its mission and how to volunteer by watching the video above.

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