Time to get your garden growing! Check out these latest trends

Thinking about trying any of these tips?

The warmer weather is arriving, and that means it’s planting season!

Are you ready? Do you know what you plan to put in the garden this year?

Jason Pinter, the director of sales and operations at Banotai Greenhouse, appeared on “Live In The D” to share some suggestions for getting your garden ready to bloom.

He also talked about some of the trends you might see.

Planting in a large dramatic pot can be a big style statement for any home.

Pinter said gardeners should consider the placement or location and whether your specific plant needs sun or shade or part sun/part shade.

Hanging baskets are another trend. Pinter says to think about color choices and theme.

When selecting a hanging basket, he said you again need to think about how much sun or shade the plant needs.

If you’re planning to visit a large greenhouse destination, Pinter suggests you bring your walking shoes, have a list and bring photos to show greenhouse workers so they can help you.

Watch the video above to hear more gardening advice.

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