It’s a burger duel - who will win? Jason or Kim?

Happy National Hamburger Month!

The Month of May is National Hamburger Month and when you think of a burger, it’s like a blank canvas. You can cook them in a variety of ways and the topping possibilities are endless. So Jason Carr and Kim DeGiulio decided to heat things up and create their own special burgers.

Here are the ground rules: They had to start with the same meat and buns, but everything else was up to them.

For seasoning, Jason Carr went with his favorite, Accent, as well as Everything Bagel seasoning, and a bit of soy sauce, while Kim kept it simple with just some salt and pepper.

Now for the toppings, Jason Carr actually made up two different burgers. On the first, he went classic with lettuce and tomato, but then things got more complex when it came to the cheese. He loaded it with muenster, Win Schuler’s cheddar cheese spread, and also some squeeze cheese. On the other burger, he finished it with muenster, Velveeta, bacon bits, and lettuce.

While Kim kept her seasonings simple, her toppings were anything but simple. Inspired by some recipes she saw on Tik Tok and a burger she tried in Toledo, she topped hers with some maple syrup cooked bacon, Kraft American Singles, and a dollop of peanut butter mixed with maple syrup.

Watch the full video above to see how they tasted!