Celebrate National Donut Day with Holy Moly Donuts

Start your Friday off with a customized donut

There’s a place in Detroit that will help get the day started with a donut of your creation. This Friday is National Donut Day and Holy Moly Donuts can satisfy your sweet tooth with a customized donut to start your morning off.

Mario Williams, the owner of Holy Moly Donuts, joined “Live In The D” to demonstrate the process of what to expect when going into the bakery.

First, customers can choose between donuts, brownies or cookies.

The next step would be to choose you icing. Holy Moly offers four types of icing such as: chocolate, maple, vanilla, and strawberry.

Lastly, Holy Moly has 32 toppings to choose from. Mario brought the most popular toppings with him to the show and they are, sprinkles, Oreos, gummy worms and fruity pebbles.

Mario says when people walk into the donut shop, anything goes. He says he encourages people to let their inner kid run wild. The most requested donut creation is vanilla icing with fruity pebbles. Mario says the weirdest donut creation he made for a customer is vanilla icing, Oreos and Hot Cheetos!

The donut shop offers “fancy” donuts like apple fritters, glazed twists, and cinnamon rolls for people who choose not to customize their own. To go along with the customized donuts, Chilled Peels, an extension of Holy Moly offers customized lemonade you can choose from in the bakery. If you are looking for something savory instead of sweet for breakfast, bagel breakfast sandwiches are made to order with five different types of bagels.

To see how Holy Moly customizes their donuts, watch the video above.