How to get sun-kissed skin (without the sun)

4 ways to achieve this look

Isn’t it crazy how celebrities always look like they have the perfect sun kissed skin this time of year?

That may automatically have you thinking about bronzers or self-tanners, but there are other things going viral on TikTok that can give you that sun-kissed look, without having to layout under the rays.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined “Live In The D” with co-host Tati Amare to talk about ways to achieve the sun-kissed skin look.

Jon started with tinted sunscreen oils and said one of the keys is the consistency. If you are trying to replicate what nature does, he says heavy matte foundation is not the place to start. He also said tinted sunscreen oils and serums are watery, so buildable coverage is the key.

Next, Jon talked about faux freckles and showed a viral video that has been viewed more than a million times demonstrating how it works and doesn’t work. He advised not to use the aerosol spray demonstrated in the video. However, he found alternatives like the faux freckles from Jason Wu Beauty and brow ink from Revlon that has the same consistency as the aerosol spray.

Then, we saw how to apply the faux freckles on April Morton, “Live In The D” multimedia journalist, using an eyebrow pencil and brow ink. He says you need to use both tools interchangeably to get different sizes and colors of freckles.

Finally, the style editor demonstrated the way to get the sunburn blush look. Jon used red lip gloss to get an intense color. He says the great thing about applying the blush after the freckles is that it tones it down, especially if you went overboard. He said this is something that works with all skin tones.

Watch the video above to see a demonstration of Jon apply the makeup.

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