Latest home trends could help homeowners looking to sell

Do you know what homebuyers are looking for?

From rising rates to low inventory, selling and buying homes is more challenging than it has been in recent memory. However, there are ways to make your home stand out when it’s listed on the market.

While appearing on “Live In The D,” Opendoor Senior General Manager Jim Lesinski shared some trends in home design and décor that could help people preparing to sell their homes.

Here are the trends he mentioned:

  • Homeowners prefer neutral-colored exteriors, especially grey.
  • Interior statement walls are here to stay.
  • Subway tile and shiplap are trending.
  • Eco-friendly landscaping is in high demand.

Lesinski suggests investing in your home for both the purpose of resale and for your own personal enjoyment. Watch the video above to learn more about selling a home in this challenging real estate market.

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