A new concert concept comes to the D

This story of love features Detroit’s Beth and Q from 112

What happens when a hometown Detroit singing sensation teams with a 90′s R & B group icon? A night of great singing in the D! Not only will this be a music concert, but as Detroit singer Beth explains, it’s also a theatrical performance.

Beth says she, along with Q Parker, a member and co-founder of the group 112, will be singing their music while telling a story of Love.

“My career has been centered around every aspect of love,” said Parker.

Other artists performing will be Ruff Endz, Public Announcement, Michel’le, Changing Faces and UNV. All popular R & B artists of the 90′s.

The performance takes place Thursday June 9 at the Redford Theatre.

Watch the video above to hear Q sing 112′s hit song “Cupid.”