Looking for a staycation for the weekend?

Book a room at this historic inn

If you are interested in booking a weekend getaway that isn’t far from home, a historic location has transformed into a bed & breakfast and is offering comfort and style. The Newton of Ypsilanti describes itself as a historic inn and gathering place.

Today on “Live in The D”, Jason checked in with Allison Anastasio, Owner and Executive Chef at The Newtown of Ypsilanti. The home was built in 1870 by one of the owners of the Peninsular Paper Company. The second owner was Charles Newton. One of his jobs included being a real estate attorney for Henry Ford.

The house has three suites, two of which have king-sized beds. One suite has a queen-sized bed with an attached room of bunkbeds. Each room has it’s own bathroom as well. Each room reservation includes a gourmet breakfast along with a chance to order a wide variety of homecooked plates.

To learn more about The Newton of Ypsilanti, watch the video above.