Take a step back in time at this spot across the Detroit River

Immerse yourself in history

You hear summer vacation and you may think of an arduous road trip or flight to somewhere thousands of miles away, but you can enjoy an amazing getaway with all kinds of experiences, and it’s just minutes away.

Ontario, Canada is just across the Detroit River and is home to many wineries, restaurants, and a historical village you need to check out. We spoke to the experts at Destination Ontario to learn more about Fort Malden.

Fort Malden is a National Historic Site just outside of Windsor, Ontario. It was built in 1795 as a military defense against an American invasion. History buffs and visitors can tour the grounds, talk with costumed actors and witness reenactments of the daily lives of the people who once lived there.

According to Alex Dale, a spokesperson for Parks Canada, the Fort was built to replace Fort Detroit when the British lost it during the American Revolution. The Fort was later used in the War of 1812. Major General Issac Brock and Native American leader, Tecumseh, used the fort to plan their invasion and eventual capture of Fort Detroit.

Today, there are a lot of interactive exhibits you can see. Learn how they used to cook over 100 years ago or watch someone do some blacksmithing. You can even see them fire a musket!

Get in on the action by branding a piece of wood with the blacksmith, or make some teacakes in the great outdoors.

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