Our little yellow friends are back on the big screen

Reel Talk with Greg Russell

Today on “Live In The D”, movie Greg Russell was back to talk with host Jason Carr about the upcoming box office movies to see with the family over the weekend.

We hope everyone has brushed up on their gibberish because “Minions: The Rise of Gru” is playing in theaters. The movie centers around Gru as a kid in the 1970′s and he wants to become a member of a gang. Throughout the movie, Gru wants to prove himself to be appointed as a member. Greg gives “Minions: The Rise of Gru” 4 our of 5 reels. He said this family fun movie is hilarious and adults can watch too.

A suspense movie with Mel Gibson and Kevin Dillion called, “Hot Seat”, is playing in theaters this weekend as well. Kevin Dillion plays a character that is an IT genius and is approached by the wrong people who threaten to harm his family if he doesn’t complete a specific task. The title of the movie “Hot Seat”, ties into the film because his seat is wired for his weight, and if he moves, the chair will blow up. During his interview with Greg, Kevin said this movie was shot in just seven days. Greg gives “Hot Seat” 3 out of 5 reels.

To see a preview of the upcoming movies this weekend, watch the video above.