Take the family on a search for buried treasure

X marks the spot

A new interactive exhibit has opened up in metro Detroit and it will have you digging for gold. The Cranbrook Institute of Science has family’s on the hunt for buried treasure this summer. Today on “Live In The D”, host Jason Carr was joined by the Anthropology Coordinator and Museum Educator, Cameron Wood, to talk about what to expect at a new exhibit.

“Museums typically don’t focus on treasure hunting, but it is a fun activity for everyone in the family,” said Cameron. Kids will have hands-on play with metal detectors, tools of treasure hunting, and a chance to see local treasures that were found in the Detroit River. More activities include a big sand pit for kids to pan for gold, and a place to learn all about safes. Kids will see the inner-workings of how a safe opens and try it for themselves. And of course, they wouldn’t have a treasure exhibit without the knowledge of pirates and treasure maps.

In addition to the larger interactive parts of the exhibit, a Science Stop is where volunteers will work with guests to show other unique gadgets Cranbrook has. Cameron brought a replica of the Mar’s Rover which kids can drive around and mount their cell phone to, to take a cool video.

Next, Cameron also brought in an Ilwoon Sword from Central Congo. The sword is believed to be from the 18th century and was a weapon of status for the warriors.

To learn more about the treasure hunting at Cranbrook, watch the video above.