The do’s and don’ts of cell phone etiquette

Friends of the show chime in

Besides being National Ice Cream and Hot Dog Month, it is also National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. We’ve all got them, and we’ve all seen how they can get out of hand.

Comedian Melanie Hearn, Lauren Crocker, co-host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, and RiDetroit’s Jason Hall join “Live in the D” with co-host Jason Carr to discuss cell phone etiquette.

Where is one place where phones should be absolutely off limits?

According to Jason, cell phone use in the theater is strictly prohibited. Melanie says in church and comedy shows, and if you do during her stand-up routine, she will roast you jokingly during the show. Lauren says you should not be using it on a first date or an outing with a close friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Is it best to keep your phone on vibrate all the time?

Everyone agreed that phones should be kept on mute at all times. However, Lauren admits to keeping her ringer on recently because she’s a new mother, and she’s received unpleasant stares from strangers when her phone rings in public. Jason also stated that it depends on the situation, as he will turn on the ringer if he does not want to miss an important call.

What etiquette do you wish everyone would follow with their cell phone?

Lauren says that people shouldn’t use speaker phones in public. Melanie agrees with Lauren and urges people to use their AirPods. On the other hand, Jason says it’s annoying when people walk around with their AirPods in and block out the rest of the world, especially when he’s on the bike path and yells that he’s coming.

Watch the video above for the whole interview.

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