This historic Tony Award-winner has a new album coming out

The legendary artist’s new album will uplift your spirits

Melba Moore is the first Black woman to receive a Tony Award for featured actress and will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year. Melba is best known for her roles in Hair, Purlie, and Les Misérables on Broadway. Along with being an actress, she is known for her hit songs, “Falling” and “A Little Bit More”. The three-time Grammy-nominated singer is releasing a new album titled, Imagine. Today on “Live In The D”, host Tati Amare spoke with Melba Moore about her new project.

Melba’s career started 55 years ago and she is still making an impact on her fans with her expanding talents. Melba said Imagine is about peace, love and romance. The main theme of the album reflects on the wishes of the sweetness of what life is all about.

Melba said the album has been very well received after two weeks and already has two separate number one singles in the United Kingdom. The song fans are enjoying the most is called, “Take Her Picture Down”. The song is about romance but reflects on a new relationship, so that means forgetting all of your passed relationship memories and focus on this new one.

The legacy for being the first black women to win a Tony Award for a featured album means a great deal to Melba. She said it is still very special to her to this day. Along with her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she will receive the Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement Award and the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Her passion for uplifting urban communities comes from volunteering at a young age with her siblings. To this day, Melba enjoys singing for various women shelters and nursing homes.

To see Tati’s full interview with Melba Moore, watch the video above.