Get ready to laugh with clean comedy

Meet comedian Mic Larry from Detroit

Laughter is often recognized as the best medicine, and someone in Detroit wants to give us all a big dose of that.

Comedian Mic Larry chatted with Tati Amare on “Live In The D” about his upcoming comedy show and other things.

Mic remembers his father being a stickler for discipline when he was a child, and recalls his brother taunting him while he was holding a sweet potato pie. After watching so many television shows where people threw pie in the face, he decided to try it out on his brother since he thought it was humorous. He adds that his father was furious since it was his favorite pie, but he thought it amusing.

Mic Larry is a clean comedian, despite the fact that standup comedy is frequently associated with a lot of explicit language. He says that he did not start off this way, but that his faith convicted him of his material during a transition period. Since then, there have been a lot of new opportunities.

The comedian is also community-minded and founded 100% Fathers, a non-profit organization. Before he met his wife, he was a single father of two children who was experiencing homelessness. He says that there were no programs for single fathers at the time, and he was determined to start one that would reach out to others in the community who were in similar situations.

During the pandemic, Mic began searching for additional resources and launched a six-week online course called Comedy Class. According to him, he has more than 20 graduates, and 16 of them are working in the comedy industry.

Mic Larry’s live comedy special will be recorded on July 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the Redford Theatre.

Watch the video above for the complete interview.

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