The Motown Amplify The Sound Detroit winner of 2020 joins us for Music Monday

Her soulful song is all about growing up in Detroit

You watched her perform on Local 4 during the Ford Fireworks celebration, and now she is back to promote her new single.

Brittney B. Hayden’s love for singing came from her parents. The Detroit local said her dad loves to sing. Brittney remembers her dad singing with so much passion and her mom playing the piano in the church. With two musically inclined parents, it was destiny for Brittney to become the singer she is today.

“Live In The D” host Tati Amare asked Brittney what was it like winning a prestigious contest like The Motown Amplify The Sound Award. She said it was amazing because she is now a part of the iconic legacy in working with Motown, the same studio where artist such as Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder came from.

For Music Monday, Brittney sang her new single titled, “Grand River”. Brittney said she used to live on the eastside of Detroit when she was younger. As she got a little older, her family moved to the westside of Detroit. In the song, she expresses her love for both sides of the city and embraces the culture of where she came from. Brittney explained that she hopes the song is a love story that will bring the city together.

For more information about her new single, follow her Instagram for updates.

To see Brittney B. Hayden preform “Grand River”, watch the video above.