Catch up with the rapper who’s encouraging youth through his music

It’s always great to see young talent grow and flourish

Kid Jay on Live in the D

Social media star and rapper, Kid Jay is back on “Live In The D”, after being featured for Music Monday two years ago. Since his initial visit, Kid Jay has been part of national shows around the country, and spreading his music throughout social platforms. Raised in Ypsilanti, he sat down with Tati Amare to catch up and talk about what his fans can expect from him next.

Although Kid Jay is a rapper, his style differs from typical musicians we hear on the radio, and aims to change the narrative of rap music. He says this is the way of connecting with the youth.

Kid Jay says that rap music right now, has a negative connotation to it. The use of profanity, and the content of music videos are some reasons why rap music is adverse. He says within his music, the goal is to remind the youth that in order to be successful, you don’t have to go down the same route as some of the popular rap artists.

In 2019, Kid Jay was featured on Live In The D’s Music Monday and he says the experience was amazing. His performance was the first time he preformed the song “Golden Child” without a backtrack. He said he was worried about how his voice would sound prior to the performance but it all worked out in the end.

The rapper has been keeping busy since his last appearance on this show. After being on America’s Got Talent and collaborating with The Detroit Youth Choir, Kid Jay has learned how to become more verbal. When he was younger, Kid Jay struggled with his speech and being on these national platforms has helped him build the courage to be a better performer.

Kid Jay had the pleasure of being under the mentorship of Steve Harvey. Not only did he gain experience with Steve Harvey, he himself became a mentor when the program caught wind of the positive impact he was making outside of the mentorship.

Right now, Kid Jay has a few upcoming shows and a new music video that was released two days ago.

To see Kid Jay’s full interview, watch the video above.