Three new movies to watch this weekend

Movie reviewer Greg Russell talks “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” “Me Time,” and “Samaritan”

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If you want to see more of Idris Elba, he has another film coming out this weekend, as do Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and Sylvester Stallone.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined “Live In The D” to discuss three new films starting with “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” with Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba. This film is a retelling of “Aladdin and the Wonder Lamp,” in which a woman finds a magical vase and frees a genie by rubbing it. She must ask the genie to grant three wishes in order to free him after he has been imprisoned for three millennia, but she has no idea what she wants. Greg says this film’s focus on relationships makes it suitable for older audiences and gives it four reels out of five.

The new Netflix comedy “Me Time” stars Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. The two men at the center of this film are now in their mid-40s, but they’ve been friends since they were five. Hart plays a stay-at-home dad who thinks he’s capable of more than he’s currently doing. However, Wahlberg’s character is a bit more of a free spirit, and he’s planning a birthday party and would love for his friend to join in the festivities. On a scale from one to five, Greg gives this three.

Finally, Sylvester Stallone is in a new Amazon Prime Video film titled “Samaritan,” in which he plays a superhero. The plot centers on a young boy who lives in an apartment building and is obsessed with superheroes. In the past, a superhero named Samaritan saved the world before going into hiding. The kid sees Sylvester Stallone and thinks he is Samaritan, so he tries to find out if it actually is.

The full interview can be seen in the video above.

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