Meet your new best friend with four paws at this event

Mike Morse Law Firm is hosting a pet adoption event in collaboration with Michigan Humane

Pets: Morse Adoption Event on Live in the D

They’re cuddly, they’re sweet, and they might just become your best friends. Hundreds of cute animals in need of forever homes will be at a huge event this weekend, and you get the chance to meet them all. The Michigan Humane “Meet Your New Best Friend at the Law Firm Adoption Event” is Saturday September 10th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mike Morse and his adopted pet Jessi, as well as Devan Bianco from Michigan Humane, joined “Live in the D” to talk more about the event and introduce a sweet pet looking for a home.

According to Morse, the Detroit Zoo has been holding this event for 30 years, and last year was the first time his firm hosted it; within an hour, 140 animals were adopted. He said this year’s event will include more animals and will begin at 10 a.m. in the parking lot, so get there early.

He also added that he has worked with the Michigan Humane for many years and that what sets them apart is their adoptions, education, veterinary care, and community involvement.

To help ease the transition from the shelter to their new home, Bianco suggests doing the following:

  • First, you must prepare a space for them ahead of time.
  • Second, have all of your pet supplies ready to go.
  • Third, schedule your first veterinary appointment as soon as possible.

Marcella, a German Shepherd who is about two months old, is this week’s pet of the week. She is a loving, cute, and goofy puppy looking for her forever home. She is available at the Sterling Heights Adoption Center if you are interested.

For whoever adopts today’s pet, the Mike Morse Law Firm will pay the standard adoption fees.

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