Bring the heat with these blow dryer tips and tricks

These hacks can save time and money

Jon Jordan: Hair Dryers on Live in the D

Are you tired of messy makeup, wrinkled clothes and wet shoes? With these tips and tricks, you can improve your look and style in just a few minutes. Jon Jordan, Local 4 Style Editor, joined Tati Amare on “Live In The D” to share blow dryer hacks that will do much more than help your hair.

According to Jordan, you can heat up makeup items such as lipstick and eye pencils to get the perfect look.

“How many times have you gone to use a product and it’s so dry? All you do is heat it up, literally just a couple of seconds, and it will glide like there’s no tomorrow,” Jordan said.

Do you have any makeup or skin care bottles at home, and you don’t know how to get the excess product out?

“If you have a tube with makeup or skin care and you know there’s a bunch left but you just can’t get it out, you warm it up and it will make the residue all travel to the bottom so that you can get your money’s worth,” Jordan said.

With a blow dryer, steaming and ironing is no longer necessary, according to Jordan. Simply spray your clothes with water and some fabric softener, and the blow dryer will take the wrinkles right out. Jordan said you can also create a crease of your choice in the clothing by manipulating the fabric during the blow drying process.

Lastly, no more wet shoes with this tip. Jordan said to rub a candle on the shoe and then place the blow dryer on high to melt the wax, making the shoe waterproof.

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