How to keep wildlife out of your home during cold weather

Michigan Humane provides tips to keep furry critters outside

Live in the D How to keep wildlife out of your home during cold weather (ěk Macháček, WDIV 2022)

With the weather getting colder, various critters are looking for a safe, warm place to call home for the winter. Devan Bianco with Michigan Humane joined Jason Carr on “Live in the D” to share pointers on how to make your house not so inviting to wildlife.

According to Bianco, the following precautions should be taken to keep wildlife out of the home:

· Check duct work, vents, and siding for holes or gaps

· Keep woodpiles elevated and away from trash or compost

· Inspect your fence for holes or breaks

· Call a wildlife expert for assistance if you encounter wildlife

Daphne, a two-month-old kitten, is this week’s Pet of the Week. Bianco said any home would be a good fit for her.

“She loves to play, she loves to eat, she loves to sleep, and get lots of attention and cuddles,” said Bianco. “Daphne is going to be good in really any home. She’s young enough that she’ll adapt. If you have resident pets, as always, go slow with that introduction so you don’t frighten her.”

The Mike Morse Law Firm will cover standard adoption fees for whoever adopts Daphne.

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