New series takes family drama to a whole new level

“Bad Sisters” is on Apple TV+

Bad Sisters on Live in the D

There’s a new comedy series that’s taking a whole new approach to that “bad in-law” situation. “Bad Sisters” is all about the five Garvey sisters who can’t stand their brother in-law JP, and their efforts to kill him.

“Live In The D” host Jason Carr had the opportunity to talk about the series with two of the stars of the show, Sharon Horgan and Eve Hewson. Horgan plays the role the eldest Garvey sister, Eva. Horgan also created the series. Meanwhile, Hewson plays the role of Becka, the youngest of the sisters.

The series focuses on the sisters’ bond and their efforts to protect each other from JP who Horgan calls a “monster”. Horgan said she tried to make the characters “as odious as physically and mentally possible.” Horgan said the sisters get to a point where they just decide enough is enough, and they decide they’re going to take JP out. However, she says they are normal women, and they are not great at murder, while he’s exceptionally good at cheating death.

Hewson said she was drawn to the series because it’s a blend of comedy and drama that she felt was very unique. According to Hewson, it’s a brilliant script and brilliant people are involved.

You can stream “Bad Sisters” on Apple TV+. The final episode for season 1 is out Friday, October 14.

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