No more dinner-time debate, this Grosse Pointe Park restaurant serves a little bit of everything

Its menu pulls inspiration from Peru, Mexico, China, and more!

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It’s a common household debate - “What do you want for dinner? I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” Well, there is a Grosse Pointe Park restaurant that may satisfy everyone.

It is called Alma Kitchen, and its menu pulls inspiration from all over the globe.

Whether you’re craving some chilaquiles from Mexico, Cantonese-style stir fry, or a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, Alma Kitchen has you covered.

“I always say it is kind of representative of Metro Detroit,” explains Gary Mui, the Co-Owner and Executive Chef. “Inspiration came from a lot of different places, different ethnic backgrounds.”

Mui is a first-generation Chinese America. His father worked as a chef at a Chinese restaurant in Ferndale, and that is where he learned his craft. Growing up as minorities, Mui says he bonded with his business partner, Alicia Sanchez, over the fact that their families always wanted to have traditional food from their cultures at every major event. The chef says he wasn’t always in the mood for Chinese food and craved something different.

That was the seed of the idea behind Alma, they wanted to create a restaurant where people could get food from their own culture, but also a wide range of dishes to satisfy everyone’s pallet. They ended up with a very global menu with dishes from Peru, China, Mexico, America, and more. Though Mui is quick to mention, they are not always striving to be authentic but instead adding their own twist to these various dishes.

The restaurant is open and modern with artwork hinting at this blend of flavors. The building is on Mack Avenue and actually used to be three separate businesses, one of which was Tom’s Oyster bar. Two large garage door-style windows line the front and can be pulled up when the weather is nice, and the tin ceiling is the original.

The name, Alma, comes from the Spanish word meaning “soul.” Mui says they decided on the name because that is how they cook, with a lot of soul.

For the full story and a look at the menu, watch the video above.

Alma Kitchen is located at 15402 Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Park.

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