5 ways to winterize your skin

Dr. Youn gives simple, helpful tips for taking care of your skin this winter

Dr. Youn Skin Care on Live in the D

We cannot deny the impact of social media on our world, and Tati Amare is the first to admit how much time she spends swiping and scrolling. When she found out a TikTok doctor with more than a million followers was in Metro Detroit, she reached out to get us all some of his sage advice about skin care.

Dr. Anthony Youn, board-certified plastic surgeon, joined “Live in the D” to share five simple and practical ideas on how to take care of our skin this winter.

Dr. Youn started by talking about how important it is to keep our hands moist and how hand moisturizers are different from body moisturizers. He said that you should not use body moisturizer on your hands since the body moisturizer is washed away. However, hand moisturizer is designed to last through multiple washings. This way, you won’t have to keep putting it on throughout the day, and your hands will stay nice and soft.

Next, Dr. Youn talked about the common question of whether hand soap or hand sanitizer is better. He says that even though alcohol is found in hand sanitizers, they are less drying than soap and water. He said that if you work as a hair stylist, nurse, or doctor and have to wash your hands often, you can use hand sanitizer because it will keep your hands less dry, but he joked that it’s not “poop worthy.”

Then, the board-certified plastic surgeon talked about how dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate your skin this time of year. Before getting in the shower, he suggested using a dry brush to scrub and get rid of dry skin. He said that you shouldn’t use hot water and should put moisturizer on your skin no more than two minutes after you get out of the shower to keep it from drying out.

Following that, Dr. Youn said that sheet masks are a popular self-care tool that can provide relief from the cold weather. He says that this is a great way to get a lot of powerful moisture to the skin. Makeup should be removed with a cleanser and a sheet mask applied after a hard day of work, especially if it is cold outdoors, as sheet masks are infused with essence, which helps to lock moisture into the skin.

Last but not least, the TikTok doc discussed how to keep your feet moisturized this time of year. He suggested using a moisturizer like Vaseline to cover your entire foot and then wearing socks over them for 12 hours to transform dry, cracked feet into smooth ones.

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