‘Chucky’ is back to bring more nightmares

Dangerous doll returns in TV series

Chucky on Live in the D

He is one of the most notorious horror villains on the screen and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get ready of him. Now “Chucky” is back for season two of the TV show that’s continuing the story of the doll that is everyone’s worst nightmare.

Actress Jennifer Tilly stars in “Chucky”, which also features Sutton Stracke, who you might remember from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Tilly has been part of the Chucky saga for decades. Tilly plays an exaggerated version of herself in the series. She also plays the role of Tiffany Valentine, who has taken over the body of the TV version of Jennifer Tilly as season two of “Chucky” gets underway. The actress said what she loves about her character Tiffany is that she’s “really evil”, but she thinks of herself as a very good person. Tilly said “there’s a dichotomy where she’s a mass murder, but she’s also really cute and she has good fashion sense...”

Stracke, who is a real-life friend of Tilly’s, also plays herself in “Chucky”. Stracke said she was able to watch the incredible actors and feed off of them because she said their energy was so great.

You can see season 2 of “Chucky” on Syfy and USA Network. Watch the video above to see “Live In The D” host Jason Carr’s interview with Tilly and Stracke.

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