New facility in Berkley offers unique dog training

Zoom Room opens its first Michigan location

Zoom Room on Live in the D

There’s a new dog training facility in Berkley, and they have a unique approach to teaching your pup.

“We don’t train dogs, but we do train people that love them, and what that means is that you’re living with the dog so it’s very important how you react to the dogs behaviors and how you’re going to shape those behaviors through positive rewards,” Kim Elliot, owner and operator of Zoom Room Training in Berkley told “Live in the D’s” April Morton.

Berkley is Michigan’s first Zoom Room location and Elliot says, after years of working with dogs, she’s found that positive rewards is the most effective way to teach the pups.

“We look to reward the dog for behaviors that we like. The more that they do the behaviors that we like the more they get rewarded. We pay them with a treat and that gives them the focus so they’ll pay attention to us, they start to realize, wait a minute, what did I do to get this, I want to repeat that behavior,” Elliot said. She also says training can start at any age for the dog, and should start at day one when you bring home your fur baby. The facility has many training options at all levels.

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