A nationally renowned artist makes his mark in Detroit

Check out the work of Felle

The city of Detroit is filled with beautiful murals, installations, statues, and more. Detroit native and nationally renowned artist, Felle, joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to talk about his work and gallery that’s contributing to the art scene in the city.

According to Felle, music heavily inspires his art.

“Obviously, music is definitely a big inspiration for me, and I just try to inspire through my work and use great colors and just try to connect with people through the art,” said Felle.

One of his pieces, which features Marvin Gaye, embodies the essence of Detroit.

“Marvin exudes everything about the city of Detroit and just art in general. Being an artist. Being a singer. And, you know that he was the voice of the Motown sound. So, I just have a great love for Marvin Gaye. I’m a huge fan, so I just had to immortalize him,” he said.

Furthermore, he also showcased a portrait of Aretha Franklin.

“The same as Marvin, Aretha embodied the city of Detroit,” said Felle. “This is actually a part of a collection I was working on called ‘The Hero Collection’ just showing people that I think inspire people, and just another great great piece that I did, I love it.”

The Felle Gallery located at 19926 Livernois offers unique painting parties.

“We specialize in the selfie paint party, and they come in, and we sketch them all out, and they come down and they paint, they love it,” said Felle. “We have a ball.”

To learn more, watch the video above.

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