3 ways pets can help veterans

Michigan Humane talks about their program to help heroes connect with furry friends

We just celebrated Veterans Day over the weekend, but every day of the year is a chance to honor those who have served our country. Many people who have served may need extra comfort when they return home, and a loving, furry pet can be a great companion.

Devan Bianco of Michigan Humane returned to “Live in the D” with information about a program that connects veterans with pets looking for a forever home and introduces a new cute puppy in need of a home.

According to Bianco, the Michigan Humane for Military Program allows any veteran or active service member to come to adoption centers, have their adoption fee waived, and take a pet home with them. Following that, she gave three examples of how having a pet may benefit military personnel. First, she said that studies have shown that being around animals has a direct, positive effect on the body’s chemistry. Second, having pets reduces stress and promotes well-being. Last but not least, having a pet encourages social interactions and forms bonds.

Starburst, a Pitbull-mix puppy, is this week’s featured pet. Bianco says that she is the definition of a baby because she wants to be held and cuddled and likes to eat, play, and sleep. She would be wonderful in any household, but if you have young children, it would be best to ease them into her presence. There is also the suggestion that she take obedience training when she matures.

The Mike Morse Law Firm will pay the standard adoption fees for whoever adopts today’s pet.

Watch video above for the full interview.

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