This Dearborn restaurant is serving up seafood with an Arabian twist

Have you ever tried a fish or shrimp kabob?

Whether served on a skewer or grilled whole and beautifully plated, Aliz Seafood is serving up fresh fish with Arabian flavors. The restaurant, located in East Dearborn on Warren Avenue, was started by Ali Almatar who is originally from Saudi Arabia.

Almatar grew up in a town about 20-minutes away from the beach, so fish and seafood were common dishes on his table. After living in the Detroit metro area for nearly 10 years, he couldn’t find any restaurant serving up seafood the way he liked it, so he decided to open up his own place.

He really wanted to highlight what makes his restaurant different and unique, so when you first walk in you see a counter full of fresh fish. Chilling on ice, behind a pane of glass, there are dozens of fish, many from the waters near Almatar’s home country. Along one edge you will spot skewers of fish and shrimp, just waiting to be grilled up. The idea is that you can browse the case for what you would like to eat, and then they will prepare it for you. The seafood can be grilled and deep fried, and is frequently slathered in a sauce of your choosing.

Right next to the cold bar are two ornate metal stands Almatar got from Turkey. They are specifically designed to serve up kunafa, a Middle Eastern dessert made of spun pastry soaked in syrup and layered with cheese, and Turkish or Arabic-style coffee made in an ibrik warmed over hot sand.

The rest of the restaurant is decorated in neutral tones with some sea-themed decorations on the wall.

While the menu is predominately seafood, with lots of fresh fish cooked in a variety of ways, they also have some chicken dishes, pasta, and Mexican favorites.

For the full story and a better look at the menu, watch the video above.

Aliz Seafood is located at 14507 W Warren Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126.