Take a listen to this singer who’s blending different languages with her music

Zaina Berri performs for Music Monday

Since age nine, Zaina Berri has been writing songs in both Arabic and English. Berri joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” for Music Monday to perform her new song called “Mama”.

According to Berri, her music is about being proud of your roots and self-acceptance.

“It’s mostly just staying true to who you are and being proud of your roots and being proud to be Arab, being proud to be a woman, being proud to be creative, and I just hope people really realize the message in the song and really accept themselves,” she said.

The Lebanese-American singer said her music is inspired by a unique mix of artists from America and the Middle East.

“I grew up in the 90s era so I am a millennial. So, I was heavily influenced by NSYNC, Britney Spears, and things like that, but also music from back home in the Middle East, and then also living in metro Detroit, I was heavily influenced by people like Michael Jackson, The Temptations…,” Berri said. “It’s a very big, unique bunch of influences, so I was inspired by anything and everything really.”

According to Berri, “Mama” is about her journey of becoming a singer and navigating a different career in an immigrant family.

“The song just touches a little bit on the problems you would have wanting to do something different, not really common in your community, in your culture, so people can relate to it,” Berri said.

To learn more and to see Berri perform, watch the video above.

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