What’s the buzz about holiday shopping?

Friends of the show talk about everything from shopping strategies to deliveries                     

What's the Buzz on Live in the D

It is Cyber Monday, and we are just coming off a huge shopping weekend, and we know holiday shopping is what people are buzzing about right now.

Friends of the show, comedian Melanie Hearn, Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of the Cohen Brand and owner of Motor City Date Night, Jason Hall, of RiDetroit, and magician and comic Jasen Magic, joined “Live in the D” with Jason Carr to chat all about it.

Beginning with Cyber Monday shopping, Cohen claims that companies boost prices and then slap a discount code on things, which becomes the original price. Hearn expressed empathy for the Amazon employees who have to make deliveries in the snow and suggests that people clear their driveways to make things simpler for the delivery guys. Magic says he will not be doing any shopping this year.

Carr then questioned the panel if being in the crowd is part of the fun of holiday shopping. Cohen prefers pick-up over lines or crowds. Hearn, on the other hand, enjoys being out in the crowd, people watching, and witnessing people race through the store at rapid speed with items. Hall agrees and says he enjoys seeing the action, especially when it involves husbands under pressure with their wives.

When questioned about their favorite shopping strategies, Hall says he prefers online shopping, Hearn prefers gift cards, and Cohen uses a list, reminders, and notes on her phone.

The complete conversation may be seen in the video above.

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