Learn the art of Glassblowing

Local studio offers unique workshops

From beautiful animals, hanging ornaments, one-of-a-kind sculptures, and just about anything you can imagine, April Wagner and her team at Epiphany Glass Studio in Pontiac can create.

“We’ve been here since 1997, and we create limited gift items like ornaments, paper weights, cups, decanters and I also create a line of one-of-a kind large scale sculptural work,” said April Wagner, Artist and Owner of Epiphany Glass Studios.

When Wagner says “large scale” work, she means that literally. “I completed a 3 story piece for the Oregon Supreme Court building, it measures 32 feet wide x 36 feet tall.” She says the piece, which took 14 months to complete is comprised of 2,000 individual pieces that hang down the center stairwell and cascades down multiple floors. Here locally, her pieces can be seen all over the state, and they not only look beautiful, they can serve as inspiration for people going through a tough time. “Especially in hospital environments when people are going there, and they are often troubled and upset and to look at something and take a moment and think oh that’s so beautiful and that makes me feel better,” Wagner said. Wagner not only shares her pieces with the world, she holds workshops and shares her creative skills of glass making.

“Live in the D’s,” April Morton stopped by to try out a workshop and make something special.

To watch the entire interview and see what April made at the studio, click the video link above.

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