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Warm, fashionable hat styles for the winter season

The winter weather calls for much more than a warm coat. A nice winter hat is also a necessity. Local 4 Style Editor, Jon Jordan, joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to discuss how to find the right hat style for you.

According to Jordan, a variety of hats are currently trending. “Beanies, buckets, bourrées, baseball caps, and balaclavas,” Jordan said. Jordan said they can also be styled in unique ways. “I think an easy way to look at it is taking any of the mentioned and maybe making it an interesting color, or perhaps it has a pattern, or is just reinterpreted in a different way,” he said.

According to Jordan, bucket hats are warm and can have a fuzzy interpretation to them. Furthermore, they can also be layered. “This is a trick that I do, I have this full leather one and I have another one underneath it and I just wear two and then I flip it,” he said.

Jordan also featured a unique balaclava. “The balaclava, look at how cool this is, it’s a hybrid. I think what makes this particularly chic is the lid on it and then the zipper detail,” he said.

According to Jordan, bourrées can easily be styled with a veil for the winter. “Bourrées, super super cool and this is how you wear a bourrée this season, with a veil. It’s a lot of drama.”

To learn more about these trends, watch the video above.

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