You’ll want to dip these tacos

Detroit spot serves birria tacos

There’s a saying that food brings people together, and you could say that’s the case for one Southwest Detroit couple. It even led them to open their own taco business.

Jason Stevens and Julie Stevens are the husband-wife duo behind Detroit Loves Tacos. “She cooked for me about three times and it was a wrap after that,” Jason said, expressing how Julie’s food won his heart. He encouraged Julie to follow her passion for cooking, which eventually led them to open their taco business inside a liquor store in Detroit.

Detroit Loves Tacos serves birria tacos, which Julie describes as featuring beef that’s cooked in its own juices, along with special herbs. Before eating the tacos, you dip them into the broth that they are cooked in because it gives you more flavor. Detroit Loves Tacos also serves chicken birria tacos.

In addition to tacos, the spot offers Cuban sandwiches, which Julie says she learned to make while living in Florida. Taco lovers can also try out the various empanadas offered at Detroit Loves Tacos.

Detroit Loves Tacos is located inside Happy 4 Liquor at 1444 W. Fort Street in Detroit. Watch the video above to hear more about Jason and Julie’s business.

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