Four ways to improve your holiday photos this year

Are you ready to strike a pose?

It’s that time of year when we all take a lot of photos, and today we are going to talk about restyling your photos by posing with purpose.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined co-host Tati Amare on “Live in the D” with some ideas for thinking outside the box.

When it comes to posing for a photo, Jordan says the first thing to consider is lighting, and he emphasizes that natural light is best.

The next topic Jordan discussed was posing. He used a photo of Miranda Bryant, our associate producer, and Marina Johnson, our intern, in a classic symmetrical pose. He recommends adding tension and an asymmetrical pose to take things up a notch.

The style editor said that we are used to staring at the camera and smiling, but this does not have to be the case. He suggested that people consider taking action images, which do not have to be staged and motionless. In addition to action movements, he says that adding props such as hats or clinking with wine glasses makes it more enjoyable.

Finally, Jordan suggested adding color and then eliminating it with a black-and-white photograph to achieve a fashion editorial effect.

All of these are great options for holiday cards, and all can be accomplished with a smartphone.

Watch the video above to see the “Live in the D” holiday card and see the full interview.

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