Stocking stuffers that will make your holidays shine bright

Toy Insider shares suggestions

Toy Insider Stocking Stuffers on Live in the D

As the clock ticks toward Christmas, hopefully you’ve finished a good amount of your holiday shopping, but have you thought about stocking stuffers?

James Zahn, Senior Editor of “Toy Insider”, appeared on “Live In The D” to share some stocking stuffer ideas, in case you’d like to help Santa this holiday season.

First, Zahn highlighted the Flidjit Fortune Teller. Zahn said to “think Magic 8 Ball” where you ask a question and then get a response. The Flidjit Fortune Teller is a geometric shaped toy that you can toss and when you flatten it, you get your answer.

Another stocking stuffer suggestion from Zahn is Aphmau MeeMeows, which are plushies. Aphmau is a popular gamer on YouTube who likes cats, and the plushies are cat themed. This toy adds a bit of mystery because they come in a box and you don’t know which one you’re going to get.

For retro lovers, you might want to check out Playmates Star Trek figures. Zahn said they have generational sets of figures that would appeal to collectors.

Finally, Zahn mentioned something for Bratz enthusiasts. He suggested Mini Bratz dolls because Zahn said mini toys are very popular. Watch the video above to see all of the stocking stuffers Zahn suggested.

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