Get creative with gift wrapping this holiday season

Jon Jordan shares sustainable tips for the perfect gift

You may be finishing up your holiday shopping, but what about wrapping the gifts? Jon Jordan, Local 4 Style Editor, joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to share creative ways to wrap presents.

According to Jordan, he prioritizes sustainability and affordability when wrapping gifts.

“I don’t think it should be about too much expense. I don’t think it should be about too much effort. I think it should be reusable and I think it should be streamlined,” he said.

Jordan said he likes to use ornaments and other items to decorate instead of bows.

“Bows can be problematic,” Jordan said. “If you’ve ever tried to put them on packages and you’re taking them some place, all the bows get smashed. So, let’s think about some other embellishments.”

Two items that work well are leather and pearls, he said.

“Here’s another little gift box and you can see, I just took a band of full leather instead, so you can give this, and I covered up the original logo, or you can make it a little bit daintier and do pearls…” Jordan said.

According to Jordan, you can use unique boxes that don’t require wrapping paper. Instead, they can be filled with crinkle paper and a fun decorative element.

“You can find little things like this at thrift stores. You might even have a wine box or something like this. So, save these things because it doesn’t require wrapping paper,” he said.

Jordan said he was most proud of using a pizza box as a reusable gift box.

“This is a pizza box. As long as it’s not greasy, make your own gift box with things from the dollar store,” Jordan said. “This is the key. Save your old calendars and slap that on the top, and then you have a really high-end makeup gift box.”

To learn more about how to get creative with your gift wrapping this season, watch the video above.

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