Meet the local young baker competing on popular TV show

She’s hoping to win it all on Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship”

We all love an occasional sweet treat whether it’s cupcakes, cakes or even macarons. What if those treats were made by a talented young baker who owns her own baking company?

Genevieve Kashat is an 11-year-old baking prodigy from Michigan who is competing on Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship”.

Kahsat said that she found her passion for baking at the age of three because her mom would “make the best banana bread ever”, and she wanted to help. By the age of five she began making cake boxes and putting them into the oven. Kashat said by the age of seven and eight she began making macarons and creating her own recipes.

The young baker said that she began her baking company Gen’s Kreations after she made her aunt macarons as a “sweet treat”, and she began receiving requests to make more. So, she came up with the idea of starting her own business.

Kashat brought a few sweets that she made to “Live In The D”. These treats ranged from Tiramisu macarons to her signature habanero lemon macaron, which she created on the first episode of the competition by “taking a risk”. She also shared a recreation of a chocolate raspberry jam filled and almond butter, butter cream cake in a cupcake form.

Even though Kashat is talented, she said that her advice to others who aspire to bake and perfect their skills is do just as she did. “You just have to practice and practice and practice, and at one point, you’re just going to get it,” said Kashat

To see the colorful macarons she creates, watch the video above.