How you can change a pet’s life

You can make a difference even without adoption

Changing a pet’s life for the better can be rewarding. In celebration of National Change A Pet’s Llife Day, Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane joined Michelle Oliver on Live In The D and shared some great ways to be a positive force in the lives of pets in our community . She said, even if you’re not ready to adopt a pet, there are several ways to improve their lives:

-Consider fostering a pet. Michigan Humane will cover everything, the pet just needs temporary shelter until a forever home is found

-Hold a fundraiser for pet shelters

-Advocate for animals

-Volunteer at a local animal shelter

If you would like to meet the pet of the week, who’s currently available for adoption, click the video above.

The Mike Morse Law Firm will cover the standard adoption fees for whoever adopts this week’s pet.

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