The “Maestro” of dog treats

A local “deli” bakes up treats your pet will love

A local deli with treats your pet will love. – The bakers at a local shop are taking pet treats to the next level.

Janet Platt is the owner of Maestro’s Dog Haus. She describes her business as a deli for pets. Platt said that the treats at traditional pet stores are “like night and day” compared to those treats at Maestro’s Dog Haus. Platt uses all natural ingredients and “everything is handmade, nothing is mass produced.” A key secret to the deli’s treats is that they get products from “the restaurant depot where the restaurants shop.”

Megan Walters is a baker at Maestro’s Dog Haus. Walters said that being a baker at the deli is “one of the coolest jobs I think I somehow ever landed.” Maestro’s Dog Haus also offers treats for “very picky” cats.

To learn more about Maestro’s Dog Haus, watch the video above.