AGT stars bring bright performance to Detroit

The Lightwire Theater Company shines

The Lightwire Theater Company shines. – The snowy Michigan weather is making a lot of us miss the sunlight. Well, thanks to the Lightwire Theater Company, the light will be brought to us. That’s right, the America’s Got Talent stars are coming to Detroit with their show titled “The Ugly Duckling.”

Ian Carney is the producer and creator of the Lightwire Theater Company. He said that the idea for Lightwire started on 2007. “We just had this want to erase the dancer, and with this medium, EL wire, we could make all these strange characters and costumes, and black us out and really bring the magic to life and create something that we have never seen on stage before”, said Carney.

Carney said that the company will take some “fun twists and turns” with the original story of “The Ugly Duckling”. “You’ll also just see things you’ve never seen before on stage, and we’ll have a really, really good time.”

All ages are welcome to the performance which is this Sunday, March 5th at 3pm at Music Hall in Detroit.

To learn more about the Lightwire Theater Company, watch the video above.