The “Crew” is back together again

NBC’s Grand Crew is teaming up for season two

NBC’s Grand Crew is teaming up for season two. – Friends Noah, Nicky, Sherm, Anthony, Wyatt and Fay are back for another season with Grand Crew. Actress Nicole Byer, who plays Nicky, and Echo Kellum, who plays Noah, joined Live In The D host Tati Amare to discuss what fans could expect to see in the upcoming season.

Kellum said, “Fans can expect to see more fun. There was a couple of cliff hangers that we ended season one with; you’ll see how all that plays out. And honestly we’re going to be in a lot of funny interesting situations. You’ll see our characters’ growth, how we’re connecting more as a group, how we’re figuring out things separately. So, there’s a lot of cool interesting stuff happening.”

Although the characters are fictional, Byer said that she relates a lot to her character Nicky because the writer based the character of Nicky on her. Byer said, “My government name is Nicole, her name is Nicky. Phil Augusta Jackson who created the show wrote the part with me in mind.”

The second season of Grand Crew will premiere March 3rd at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

To find out if all the wine they consume on the show is real, and to learn more about Grand Crew, watch the video above.