Check out these benefits to help your health

Are you making the most of your coverage?

Millions of Americans have made their choices about Medicare coverage, and although the enrollment period is over, staying proactive about the coverage and care provided to you is essential.

This could be the perfect time to review your plan to ensure you have access to the care you will need.

Sue Fisher with UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement in Michigan suggests people are proactive about preventative services, such as scheduling your annual wellness visit or screenings that could help identify health issues early. UnitedHealthcare also offers house calls to allow members to have a healthcare practitioner come to their home to get an annual screening.

If you have the Medicare Advantage Plan, you might have extra benefits that are not covered through original Medicare, such as dental benefits, vision and hearing, explained Fisher. She also mentioned that UnitedHealthcare members with Medicare and Medicare can receive a monthly allowance to help pay for healthy food from the grocery store or over-the-counter medications from the pharmacy. That allowance can also help pay for home utility bills.

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